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Veneration and Clairvoyance

Reflection and transparency are motivating concepts for this installation, and are meant to enact both an internal dialogue and a conversation between viewers. My process began with the entrancing qualities of glass. I created this work in response to an open call for work by the feminist collective, Yeah That’s What She Said. The call was based on “…the feminist tradition of investigating the corporeal…” I struggled with this concept. It is unnatural for me to think of a body without a spirit. Although, many bodies are treated as if they had no spirit. This struggle between thinking of a body with spirit and without spirit, allowed for me to reflect more deeply and resulted in the construction of Veneration and Clairvoyance.

This piece is made of various sized glass panes that are framed with wood. The center structure is also constructed of wood, and the floor piece is made up of leather, fabric, and paper. When I select a material, I value its connection to nature, sacredness, the source, and flexibility.