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Ritual of Veneration and Transformation

Performance October 23, 2016, 5:03 pm – 6:03 pm.

Ritual of Veneration and Transformation is a series of movements instinctively enacted in response to daily interactions with my installation, Veneration and Clairvoyance. It begins with using graphite, chalk, sage ashes, and lavender flowers. An altar is made, the piece is installed aligned with the four directions, and sage is burned. Each side of the installation is acknowledged before bowing down to the ground. I release braids interwoven with ribbon before lighting sage again. The ritual ends with a prayer repeated 36 times at sundown. These acts developed over a period of several months, resulting in a series of symbolic acts connected with veneration and transformation.

videography & photo credit: Jessica Thackoordeen/JTProductionz