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Fallacy of Edifice: Cohabitation (AlterWork Studios)

Fallacy of Edifice is a mutable, large-scale, site-responsive installation that interrogates the histories of architectural structures, honors the land that they are built upon, and imagines the deconstruction of ideologies that are reflected in architecture. Spaces built in the early 20th century and earlier evoke the beginnings of capitalism, a racialized system, industrialization, and colonization. The design, function, and use of a building expresses the way a society operates. Buildings such as factories, old banks, and other structures are reflective of the destructiveness of settler colonialism. The site for Fallacy of Edifice: Cohabitation (AlterWork Studios) is a communal space where artists work in an open studio area and also private spaces with a mission to provide artists with support. This building is an old industrial area once referred to as Dutch Kills which references the flowing streams of water that used to be connected with New Town Creek. The work Fallacy of Edifice: Cohabitation (AlterWork Studios) shares its environment with an idea for making change happen within a system built upon injustice.